Friday, October 17, 2008

Why I am not Better.

Dear Male People,

I am not better because I am not resting. I am not resting because I am taking care of more male people. To wit, my 20 month old male has done the following in the last two days when I should have been resting:

1. Written in Sharpie all over our antique dining room table.
2. Fallen off said table onto his back.
3. Played with scissors.
4. Emptied out box of cereal on floor to give to the dogs.
5. Danced in fireplace.
6. Sucked on dog kibble and then fed it to the dogs.
7. Dragged play lawnmower into house and tried to mow the carpet.
8. Will not eat anything except crackers.
9. Refused to take naps.
10. Will not stop climbing into the tub fully dressed.

See what I mean? No resting, male people. If you expect me to get better, please cease and desist all male activity effective immediately.

The Management