Sunday, October 12, 2008

Feeling Good

Feeling Good

We are jumping for joy around here.

Mikey is doing so much better. I can't believe the difference. I think it was a virus similar to what Kendra had last week (she posted in the comments). Funny enough, I had something similar when I was pregnant with Nico. I even had a spinal tap, which is never enjoyable. I remember my neck feeling so stiff and tender--I can't imagine my little Mikey feeling half that bad without feeling a little sick to my stomach. I would call it a complete recovery except his appetite is still poor. All he wants are crackers!

And, of course, I am jumping because the Mister is finally home. We are so happy he is back! He surprised me by bringing home some of his grandmother's vintage pyrex, some depression glass, photos, and something else he hasn't shown me, yet. I am so pleased to have a little bit of grandma Fern to look at everyday.

All in all, we have much to be happy about in these parts. The Mister isn't working tomorrow, so I'm hoping it will be a day of family fun for the Pancakes and French Fries crew. I hope it's a fun day for you, as well!