Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Another Great Giveaway!

{Updated at the bottom of the post}

I would love to show you what we did yesterday, but I am waiting on the Mister to forward to me all the pictures he took with his phone/camera. We went to the San Diego Museum of Natural History to see the fossil exhibit and I was a complete ditz and forgot my camera at home. So, you'll just have to sit tight for my riveting recap of prehistoric fossils as seen through the blurry, grainy lens of a year old Blackberry.

In the mean time, I suggest you participate in the following giveaway. I don't know how Miss B does it; she sure does have some friends in very convenient places. If any of my friends were to sponsor a giveaway you'd be getting help with your retirement plan or a legal consultation. Zzzzzzzzz

But not so with Miss B! Her friends work at Smashbox Cosmetics. So she is giving a lucky commenter the Smashbox DVD and makeup kit. All you have to do is go there and comment on her blahg and tell her where you heard about the giveaway. And, because she is trying to show Smashbox that giving away goodies to the public is a very good thing, she is giving a prize to the person who refers the most commenters to the blahg.

After you are done commenting, go on and post on your own blog about Miss B.'s giveaway and send your readers her way. Companies like to see lots and lots of comments before you can wrestle from the men in pin-striped suits a free q-tip, let alone a decent giveaway. Let's give those grumpy old men something to raise their bushy eyebrows over, shall we?

UPDATE: I forgot to mention that I am not qualified to win the giveaway since Miss B. is my friend, and all. I just like to see her get lots of comments. So if any of you win (either by leaving a comment OR by referring the most people) let me know how that makeup works. I am particularly intrigued by that foundation primer.