Friday, October 10, 2008

Favorite Moment, Delayed.

I have a favorite moment. And it's one of those favorite moments that when it happened, I knew right then and there what I was going to write about this week.

But it will have to wait.

The Mister is gone until Sunday and Mikey's been sick. Just with a really odd low grade fever, which always make me nervous. Well, I must have called something into existence because despite being the picture of health this afternoon, at around 4:45 he got warm again...and then started complaining his neck hurt. Mikey's four years old. Neck pain isn't exactly the go-to symptom to fake. I started to get nervous and tried not to think the worst (Meningitis) but as he became increasingly hysterical I started to sweat.

And then he started retching, and I knew he was about to throw up. Well, to everyone who commented on my phobia post (too tired to link to it now) that they, too, were emetophobic: there is hope. When Mikey started to throw up and I realized he was now showing almost all the symptoms of menigitis I sprung into action. I didn't hide, or sweat, or get scared. I took my phobia and kicked its ass right out the door. And then I kicked open the door to the bathroom and hunkered down with Mikey in my arms. I didn't once think of my phobia as I held his head and rubbed his back. I couldn't. He needed me, and no amount of fear would to allow me to leave him there alone.

Then he miraculously got better around the time the doctor called. The pediatrician didn't like the sounds of his symptoms, but with Mikey acting normal there was no point taking him to Urgent Care. Twenty minutes later his neck hurt again and we were off.

We waited all of 10 seconds. The pediatrician on call tonight was a Pediatric Neurologist. {Thank you God!} He did a fabulous, complete work up on Mikey. Diagnosis? Maybe meningitis, maybe not. We are currently on menigitus watch. Some viruses, for whatever reason, evolve into menigitis. It's possible that is what is happening with Mikey, but it is also possible (and more likely) he has a simple virus that is causing him neck pain. We just need to wait and see. If he starts to vomit, I need to take him to the hospital and they will admit him. When I tucked him into bed he was still warm and tender, but for the most part fine. We laid together and made up stories about dinosaurs who play soccer; he was asleep in no time.

I know he will be fine. But that doesn't mean I'm going to sleep tonight.