Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Fine Artist

The teachers at Mikey's school tell me often how gifted Mikey is when it comes to drawing. I have three theories regarding the nature of this praise.

  1. They are trying to cushion the "we think your child needs 7 years of preschool" blow with a few compliments tossed in here and there.
  2. Mikey attends school with the largest group of socially mature, yet artistically inept, preschool-aged children in southern California.
  3. Mikey knows his way around a pack of Crayolas and I should encourage his creative endeavors.
Of course I'm going with No. 3. It's the option that fits best with my competitive nature and enormous ego. Besides, we have a few artists in the family, so if Mikey has talent he comes by it naturally. My brother is a video game designer (art! only animated! and with violence!) and my aunt is a fine artist in Argentina who spent a number of years in Italy restoring paintings for museums.

Oh, and one more reason I'm hanging my hat on No. 3? I have total and complete artist envy. Ever since I was a child, and still to this day, I wish I was artistically inclined. I suppose I can fight the passive voice and mend split infinitives as well as the next blogger, but what can I say? The grass is always greener and I wish I could draw. So to all you graphic designers out there: good job, keep up the good work, and try not to make it look so easy because I am totally jealous of your little mood boards and funny posters and cheeky Christmas cards you send out every year.

Back to Mikey. I had to take my mother-in-law had to the train station last night. I thought her 12+ hour ride would be more comfortable with a few snacks, and I asked Mikey to draw a picture of Gaga Pam on the snack bag. When I came back, this is what he handed me.

Gaga Pam

I know it doesn't look like much, but for a 4-year old it's pretty good, and for whatever reason, I completely fell in love with this little drawing. I didn't want to give it to my mother-in-law. I wanted to hand on to it and frame it. Something about those bright white earrings slay me in a million little pieces. (You can click on it to make it larger)

Courtney from My Sunset Road (so talented!) suggested I immortalize it with embroidery, and that she too wants to embroider some of her children's drawings. The only problem? We don't know how to embroider, and I don't even know how to transfer the pattern. Do I just use a light-box and use the picture as a color reference? I really want to try this. I have a family wall of pictures and love the idea of incorporating some embroidered portraits to the mix.

Any suggestions? Has anyone done this before with a modicum of success?