Tuesday, October 21, 2008

California Fall

Fall has embraced most of the country, provided the many pictures of turning leaves on all my favorite blogs are any indication. You know, it's fall here in on the west coast, too. Really! I imagine most people think the only thing that really changes around here is the time during daylight savings. True, if the leaves on my neighbor's tree drops, it's because the Santa Ana winds are blowing. But we, too, have seasonal colors, and they were in full force yesterday in my garden.

California Fall

Oh, look! I see some leaves on the ground. It is fall!


I've seen countless pictures this week showcasing acres of trees painted red, gold, and orange. I have that.

Hot Pink Rose

Yellow Rose

Orange Rose

And there's more. California likes to add some "jazz hands" to our fall routine. Indeed, I would be terribly remiss if I didn't highlight fall's red, gold, and orange with our sunset's pink, yellow, and purple.

Pink Rose

Yellow & Pink

Purple Rose

And perhaps a little plastic surgeon's white, too.

Palest Pink

Because when things fall in California, we're quick to lift them up.