Friday, October 10, 2008

Free Miss B.

Have you met my friend, Tristan? She is impossibly talented and knows the coolest people ever. Normally Miss B. is trying desperately to free herself from the confines of Satan (i.e., her boss) but lately she's focuses more on bringing "free" to her blahg readers. Every Friday she does a free download, and just last week she gave away the coveted Domino Book of Decorating before it was available in stores.

Right now she using her connections and her class to host the most unbelievable giveaway on her blog. She and the equally lovely and talented Candace Ang will be sending to one lucky commenter a goodie bag of epic proportions. Many people are hoping they include a certain stunning necklace featured in Elle Accessories, Marie Claire,, US Weekly, WWD, and O Magazine. But, those two lovelies won't divulge what you will get; they just promise it will be good. So head on over there and post a comment before Wednesday. Be sure to mention your favorite color, too, because they want your present to be extra special.

p.s. The more comments they get, the better the prize. So, you know, don't be shy.