Thursday, October 9, 2008

A Cannonball and a Meatball

The Mister and his brother left this morning around 4am to make a Cannonball Run to Colorado so they can attend their Grandma's funeral. They made it in a ridiculously short amount of time. So short, in fact, I told the Mister I wasn't going to ask how fast they were driving.

About the time the Mister was leaving, I was going to bed. Mikey decided 2am was the perfect time to spike a fever. He was fine, just burning up. He's been the same way all day. I'm hoping tonight goes well. He usually burns really hot at night so I'm a little scared to be by myself.


To enjoy some adult company and get out of cooking I went over to my parents' for dinner. Everything was going well until I made an amateurish move and asked my Italian mother if the meatballs we were all enjoying were from Trader Joes. Holy crap was she offended.

I was quick on my feet and told her I asked only because I couldn't believe something so delicious could come from a supermarket freezer department. She gave me the evil eye and added it to her long list of Ways My Daughter Never Ceases To Disappoint Me.

When I left two hours later she gave me a tray to take home and suggested I feed them to the boys because they look like they are starving. And cold.