Saturday, October 4, 2008


I'm working on my issues with perfection. I'm trying to worry less about the quality of my writing. I'm trying to let go of the insecurity that often hits me when I read powerful posts written by established writers. I'm trying to enjoy blogging for the creative outlet it can be by writing more often and more spontaneously, even if it means a few posts are paragraphs to nowhere. This is one of the posts I would normally delete before publishing.

Mikey started playing AYSO soccer this year, and today he scored a goal. He was so happy he ran off the field just to give me a high five, which had the crowd laughing and me preening like a stuffed cat. In celebration of this achievement I decided Mikey and I would make Rice Krispie Treats after dinner.

Sweet Heart

I tried making them early this year by following the instructions on the back of the box to the letter, thinking it would ensure a perfect krispy treat. Instead, they tasted like the Eucharist. Dry, tasteless, bricks Mikey managed to choke down simply because he felt obligated to eat something with the word "treat" in the name. So much for my reverence for following instructions. This time I doubled the marshmallows and the butter to greater effect.

Still Warm

I have to admit the Rice Krispie Treats were still revolting, even after altering the recipe. I remember loving them as a child, but now they are far too sweet for my taste. My opinion reflected the minority, though, because the boys and the Mister promptly set up a sweet-treat picnic in the toy room. It was Nicholas's first time tasting marshmallows, butter, and cereal combinded.

First Taste

He agreed with Mikey and the Mister: Rice Krispie Treats are not revolting.

Picnic on the Carpet

In no time at all there were only two bites left. I think there is something pretty special about a 4 year old boy who offers the second-to-last bite of Rice Krispie Treat to his little brother.

2nd to Last Bite

And the last bite to his daddy.

Last Bite