Monday, April 14, 2008

Spring Cleaning

The Mister likes to say he can always find me by following the trail of half-completed projects. Hah hah. That's really funny. I'm totally laughing. On the inside. Questionable comedy notwithstanding, the Mister will have to rework his routine because Mikey's allergies have achieved the impossible: I'm cleaning regularly. That's not to say I was dangerously messy before. The Mister likes to exaggerate because he knows it gets a rile out of me and because he is one folded towel away from being that guy in Sleeping with the Enemy. I never had one of those rooms with bags of forgotten Target bargains. No molded over bowls of food sitting on end tables, either. No, my house never looked like a bomb went off. It just looked like I was making one.

But the times, they are a changing. I now vacuum and dust every other day, sometimes everyday. I do at least one, usually three, loads of laundry a day. I don't even have too many hot zones of clutter anymore. I have a few, but they are disappearing as I delve deeper and deeper into Operation Dust Mite and Misc. Allergen Annihilation. Even my taste in furniture has changed. The other day the Mister and I were in Crate and Barrel looking at an entertainment unit. I told the Mister it was gorgeous, but not for us because the rough finish and low profile would make it difficult for me to dust and vacuum around. The Mister was so thrilled with my observation you would have thought I had just revealed I was naked under my trench coat. What ever floats your boat, Mister.

Speaking of furniture, we're selling ours. Almost all of it, including our behemoth sectional. With all the cleaning I have to do, it just makes sense to have furniture I can dust and vacuum under, rather than move everything around like I do now. If I need to deep clean everyday, I'm making it as easy on me as possible. This charming little sofa from Macy's is exactly what I need to simplify my life:

Simple, right? Exactly. Simple is what I need right now, and I'm going to get it. I took a long hard look around my house and decided that if I don't love it or use it, I'm selling it. I'm just tired of feeling weighed down by possessions I don't need. We have a garage full of furniture that doesn't fit in this house, but until now I've resisted selling any of it because they were so expensive. Well, too bad. I may have paid a fortune for it five years ago, but it's not increasing in value sitting in my garage.

The time has come to declutter my house, and with any luck, my life.