Thursday, April 10, 2008

Bug in my Ear

Three weeks ago Mikey was up most of the night with an ear infection. By the time morning came, the painful "growth" stage of the ear infection was over and he was almost pain free.

Mikey: "Mama! My ear feels much better! I don't need to go to the doctor anymore."

Me: "I'm so happy you're feeling better, Mikey! But you know what? We still have to go to the doctor so he can look in your ears."

Mikey: "OK. Why was my ear hurting?"

Me: "Oh I don't know. There's probably just a little bug in it." I said it without thinking and winced at my own stupidity. For me, a bug is bacteria. For Mikey, a bug is...a bug. During our conversation he had been jumping on the bed while I struggled to keep him still long enough to slip on a shirt. After the bug comment he stood frozen in one spot with eyes the size of basketballs.

Mikey: "Well then, Mama. You know what?" His voice was a barely audible whisper. "I think we need to be quiet because the bug is sleeping."


Fast forward to today. The bug is back but, according to Mikey, he is not pinching him like last time. This time he is just buzzing around, but not all the time.

Me: "Mikey, how's your ear feel?

Mikey: "Better. The bug is gone right now. He flew out of my ear and he is trying to find his place where he can sleep."

I think the bug should leave and never come back, but I'm just inhospitable that way.

Sometimes Mikey hears a buzzing noise, and other times not. When it buzzes, it feels better when I take a Q-tip and rub just around the ear canal. I barely go inside, so I'm confused how this makes his ear feel better. I wonder if the buzzing is somehow related to his allergies? I guess we'll find out later today!