Friday, April 11, 2008

Favorite Moment

Favorite moments are a lot like those dreams you have when you first fall asleep. Vivid, sharp, and impossible to forget-- until you wake up the next morning to nothing more than fragmented memories darting around in your mind like hummingbirds. During the week, every now and then I will look up from life and think, yes, I would like to remember this. Sometimes I do, and writing my favorite moment feels so fluid, so easy, that it's as if I'm merely transcribing the story for someone else. Other times, like this week, I struggle to find the memorable in the ordinary. I start dreading Friday and resent that I committed myself to writing about the favorite moment in a life that is, for the most part, rather uneventful.

So I sit there and think and grumble and go through my many pictures for the week until I remember. I remember bits and pieces of wonderful that I would have otherwise forgotten had I not decided to use this blog as dream catcher to pluck priceless memories from the recycle bin. Somewhere between the overdue tax refund check and the "service engine soon" light flashing on my dashboard I forgot that I turned the corner on Monday and found Mikey and Nicholas playing for the first time.

Brotherly Love

Or that when there is a breeze in the air the orange trees that line our driveway whistle a tune so distinct that Nicholas can't help but stare at the dancing leaves in wonder and amazement. Nature provides the best mobiles.


Or that ever since a dentist came to the school last week to teach the children how to take care of their teeth, Mikey asks before every meal if it is, "loaded with sugar."


I doubt the brown rice cereal sweetened with fruit juice is loaded with too much sugar, but I'm pretty sure my life is.