Monday, January 7, 2008

The One Where I Make it up to Nicole Balch

Remember that great memory I went on and on about? I believe I called it "phenomenal," "outstanding," and "annoyingly great?" Turns out I was bluffing.

Right before Christmas I explained the inspiration behind the blog design. A reader email inquiring about the header font prompted the entire post. She really liked the story behind the font selection, and thought other people would, too. I also thought it was a great idea, especially since it meant I could thank Nicole from Smart and Lovely for not firing me as a client. She kindly hid any well-deserved disdain for me as a human during our numerous emails regarding the 7 or so mock-ups she provided. We tried “wild,” “80s,” “retro,” “disheveled,” “child-like,” and “sweet.” Finally, I asked her for “insufferable tight ass” and we were in business. She is either a very nice person, or on to the fact I still owe her a lot of money.

Well guess what “Super Memory Girl” forgot to do?

So, yeah. Thank you, Nicole, for being such a good sport. Thanks for doing so many mock-ups, both on the blog and on the shop, even though you are swamped with Pink Loves Brown. Thanks for always taking my calls, even though I know you have caller ID and can totally screen me into voicemail. Thanks for keeping my Type A personality entertained with your own blog, Making it Lovely. Oh, and lest I forget, thanks for sending me Version B of your Christmas cards!