Friday, January 18, 2008

Favorite Moment

I've had many this week.

The week started off well with a little visit of the newborn variety. Always a plus, especially when you're not the one getting up at all hours.

Then again, I really did enjoy my brief foray in the wild animal kingdom.


Oh, but I did finally hang up our wedding invitation and portrait after two years in my parents' garage. That felt quite lovely to accomplish.

Getting There

But what about dinner with The Mister? Alone? At a place with nary a chicken nugget on the menu? Could there be a more favorite moment? I didn't think so.

That is, until today. I've been tired and feeling out of sorts. By the early afternoon, as a little vein on the left side of my head started to pound, the inexplicable exhaustion of the last week suddenly became very clear. Why, hello there, migraine. I haven't seen you in a while. How thoughtful of you to return! I have been eating crap, after all.

I called The Mister and begged him for an early return. He could hear the boys tearing apart the house and made it home by 5:25, not sure what he would find. He was practically running through the door.

Jules: "Hello." {Click} went the camera.
The Mister: "Hello. Am I your favorite moment?"

Jules: "Oh, yes." {click} "Definitely."

Hmmm. Or not.

(Drinky-poo by The Mister. An ex-bartender who can make anything-- and well.)