Friday, January 4, 2008

Favorite Moment

What's the deal with crafters and cats? There sure is a whole lotta feline lovin' going on in the craft community. I will never forget my first email exchange with someone very well known in the craft community. The email was peppered with things like

^_^ and

^_~ and

>_< and


At first I didn't know what was going on. Was this some sort of craft code I wasn't privy to? Typographical errors? Nope. This, my friends, is cat speak. Whereby you, an internet business owner, turn into a feline and communicate accordingly. It took me reading tens of different emails and 50+ posts on various craft forums to crack the code. In other words, 7 minutes.

As best as I can tell, here are what these heiroglyphics are supposed to mean (although those of you with cats are welcome to chime in and tell me differently).

^_^ Happy Cat. This is similar to :) or :-) but with ears and whiskers (or is that a pair of closed eyes?). This person just handed down an awesome tip, had a tutorial published, or just received the warm and fuzzies from an unexpected compliment.

ex. If you have short runs and want to avoid offset printing costs, look for a printer with an HP Indigo digital press. ^_^

^_~ Frisky Cat. This is similar to ;) or ;-). I can't decide if that's a winking eye or an ear flicking on the right. Regardless, I think the overall spirit of the emoticon is reserved for teasing, pointing out the obvious, and humorous sarcasm.

ex. I could give you my HP Indigo printing source, but I'd have to kill you. ^_~

>_< Angry Cat. You're treading on thin kitty litter. This is similar to >:( or >:-( and I think the idea is a hissing, pissed off cat with their ears splayed or pulled down tight. You know how cats do that thing where they put their ears back? Right before they spit and bite the crap out of you with those razor sharp teeth? Yeah, that. That's what this is.

ex. One time time a web designer (who shall remain nameless) copied my entire site design and tried to sell it on ebay as a template. She claimed it was a coincidence, even though it had my code. >_<

^--^ Sleepy Cat. I guess this is similar to something like -.- or *o* and I think this person, or kitty, is asleep from exhaustion or boredom.

ex. Where is her favorite moment? Is there a point to this post? ^--^

My point is that the craft community love cats and I love dogs. I'm still trying to come up with dog speak, but haven't been successful. Don't get me wrong, I don't dislike cats, I just love dogs. I especially love my dogs, Buddy and Buster. My original Favorite Moment post for today centered around my beloved beagles and the overwhelming feeling of love and loyalty they exude on a daily basis. In fact, this picture inspired the post.

Buddy & Buster

The little guys were exhausted after an unsuccessful photo-shoot with Mikey in front of the fire. As a reward, I let them snuggle in my chair for a winter's nap in front of the fire. I couldn't resist taking a picture of the cuteness. Two hours later I was still typing away on the superiority of dogs when The Mister came home. Buster had long since jumped off the chair and went to sleep in our bedroom. The Mister wasn't in the bedroom 10 minutes before he came out asking Mikey if he fed Buster something. I stopped in mid-type and mentioned that some yogurt had gone missing during snack time.

The Mister: "Well, something is wrong with Buster."
Jules: "Is he OK?"
The Mister: "No. Not at all. I could only get him to respond to me by mentioning cookies."
Jules: "What are you talking about?" Denial, denial, denial.

OK, I think, he has an upset tummy. No big deal. I called Buster to me. He stumbled over, eyes closed. I called his name again. He turned his head towards my voice, eyes closed. He tried to lay down, but I kept calling his name so, ever the good boy, he tried to stand at attention. He couldn't open his eyes, so he just hung his head waiting for me to tell him what to do.

The Mister and I looked at each other and I told him to get Buster to the hospital; he was already grabbing his keys. Mikey ate dinner while I sat at the table and fretted, waiting for The Mister to call.

The Mister finally called, and the tests came back fairly clear. The x-rays showed some gas, but what most likely happened is Buster inhaled some soot, ash, and creosote during our ill fated fire place photo-shoot. He received an eye rinse at the hospital and came home with some steroids and eye lotion. Poor baby. He's still not 100%, but he is home safe, sound, and soon to be snuggled in my lap once I'm done with this post.

So, my favorite moment this week was the call from The Mister that Buster was battered but not beaten. That, and the pitter-patter of my Buster's feet climbing up the steps home and heading straight into the kitchen for some roasted turkey and vegetables. He couldn't really open his eyes enough to see, but he could still smell. ^_^

Oh, Buster!
My Buster, begging for turkey he can't see and still wearing his hospital tag.