Thursday, January 24, 2008

Melamine v. Ceramic: Mixed Feelings

The wedding gift we have used the most over the last eight years wasn't even on our registry. My sister-in-law's sister-in-law (got that?) gave us a 3-piece set of of white, melamine OXO Mixing bowls with a pour spout lip. I registered for a ceramic mixing set, but she dismissed the set as heavy, cumbersome, and prone to breaking. I chipped the pour spout off the largest mixing bowl before we were even married six months, ironically enough, but have continued to use them several times a week over the years because they really are very handy. In fact, until recently, I loved my melamine bowls. After 8 years, though, the bottom rubber part is starting to corrode. They stick to my shelves, and I can't set them on my counter without leaving behind a hard rubber residue that I have to scrape off with a butter knife. I need new bowls. Is it time to make the switch to ceramic and leave behind melamine forever?

Here are the bowls I'm contemplating. The first set is melamine and retails for $29.99. It has 6 nesting mixing bowls, and is from the Martha Stewart collection for Macy*s.

The second set is ceramic and retails for $39.99. It has 5 nesting mixing bowls and is also part of the Martha Stewart Collection for Macy*s.

I get one more bowl with the melamine set, but the ceramic set might be pretty enough to serve from. I think. I haven't seen them in person.

Which do you prefer: Melamine or ceramic? [gulp] Both?