Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Putting Things in Perspective

The Mister is a very hard worker. It's one of qualities people most admire in him, second only to the fact he is a phenomenal father and husband. I fully anticipate him one day waking up and realizing that he's holding the short end of the stick, after which he will trade me in for a newer, shinier model who likes to clean regularly and watch episodes of 24. Until then, I keep him stuffed with his favorite foods and desserts in hopes that one day he will gain an ounce and not look so terribly attractive to my competition.

Well, today my wonderful, hard working Mister was robbed. Without revealing too many details, he had with him a very large sum of cash for business purposes. He is fine, but furious. There was a significant amount stolen, and as small business owners we can't easily replenish what amounts to months worth of income. I am terribly shaken up and just want him to come home...NOW. Instead, ever the hard worker, The Mister is meeting his partner at the bank to review security tapes.

So, lessons for the week? Always kiss and hug the people you love; it's only money; karma is a bitch; and The Mister is still totally the best guy ever.