Monday, February 4, 2008

My Friends say, "Helen?"

Do you remember that radio PSA on the dangers of smoking? Where that raspy man's voice was talking, hacking, and coughing and at the end it turns out it was a woman named Helen? Yeah, that's me. My voice is fine, but I am hacking like someone with a 3 pack a day habit. Disgusting. What's especially fun is the wheezing. If I breath in a certain way I actually sound like a car stalling. According to my dad, who is only the best doctor ever, I have a bronchitis induced asthma--which is another way to say my bronchials are inflamed and pissed off. Pretty much going to wait this bitch out, and complain about it nonstop to all of you in the mean time.

In other news, our darling little baby Nico will turn 1 on Saturday! The Mister is in a wedding on that day (a subject that cannot be broached without us getting into a squabble) so we are celebrating on Sunday. Since this wedding is also occupying our Thursday and Friday, I have to have everything ready to go by Wednesday. I have a crafty mama this weekend and today, so hopefully this week and next I will be able to share all that I have been doing behind the scenes. That is, if I can execute all my grandiose ideas. Otherwise, I'm off to the party store for Elmo crap.