Monday, March 31, 2008


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Big news. The Mister is looking into a career change and if, as a family, we decide it's a good fit, we will be moving to NYC for 6 months while he trains. This is all contingent on a number of factors, both financial and emotional, but today we are leaning towards going. If we decide to move forward, we can start the interview process. The Mister hasn't been guaranteed a job, but he is a strong candidate.

So, what can you tell this die-hard southern California girl about New York? I like to research an issue to death before I make a decision, and I'm looking for all the information I can handle. The training center is in Manhattan, but will, in the future, move to Jersey City. It may already be in Jersey City by the time we move.

Do we need cars? What about all these neighborhoods? Upper/Lower East Side, Upper/Lower West Side, Harlem, Brooklyn, Washington Heights. Ack! I've looked around online, but all I found were real estate agencies and of course they don't have a bad thing to say about any of them.

We're a family of four with two Beagles. Is there enough room for us in the city? And can that room be under $2000?