Friday, May 23, 2008

Favorite Moment

My favorite moment was hearing my best friend, Kara, who is participating in the Foster/Adopt program, received placement of two little girls. She and her charming husband opened their home and their hearts to a 7 year old and 24 month old in need of a home. They would love to adopt them as well, if possible. Hearing about the success and failures of this state program is inspiring. I hope she updates her blog with just half of what she has been through. You can read all about her long journey to become a mom HERE. Good luck, Kara and Duane!

Other moments that were fantastic but didn't make the final cut?

  1. Making an egg free cake with Mikey for my sister-in-law's birthday party. I was reading the recipe and muttered under my breath, "OK. 2 teaspoons vanilla..." To which Mikey responded, "No, mama. It's called Banilla Extra. That's how Mazy says it." I stand corrected. Banilla Extra, it is.
  2. Watching Nicholas take a few more guarded steps today and having him NOT tear his frenulum in the process.
  3. Not getting fired by a client who had waited patiently for two weeks for me to finish a sales letter. Bonus: she loved it.
  4. Going to LA with the Mister to pick up another Craigslist find. No kids + shopping = bliss.
  5. Hearing the Mister admonish Mikey for tossing his sweater on the ground. "Mikey, pick your sweater off the ground. We don't toss our clothing on the floor whenever we feel like it. We drape it over all the furniture. There's a difference."
  6. And, finally, you know your three year old watches too much Food Network when he bites into a Ritz cracker with chicken salad on top and gushes, "Oh, mama! These crackers are so light and crunchy!"
What was your favorite moment this week?