Friday, May 16, 2008

Favorite Moment

Hi. Nico here. Don't tell my mom, but my brother and I read her blog. We still can't believe she didn't know it was called a sofa.

Anyway, I caught her diatribe against Baby Center and felt bad for the ol' bird. I didn't mean to worry her. What can I say? I like it when my peeps carry me like a prince. So, the next day I decided, 'what the hell' and walk about 5 steps for her. She's tried a couple of times to catch it on film, but so far I've stayed committed to the Loch Ness Monster School of Photographic Evidence: slim to none.

Here's one of me when I thought she wasn't looking. She's quick with the camera, but luckily I can drop faster than she can click. I think I'll call this one, Close but no Cigar: You'll Have to Point and Shoot Faster Than That!

This one is my favorite. I made sure to fall like a flour sack the second I saw Fuji. Look--you can't even tell that I know how to stand! Brilliant. I'll call this one: I was Born Last Year, Not Yesterday.

Stay tuned next week: my mom might actually write something entertaining. I was thinking if her blog got any more boring this week it was going to have to come with a pillow.