Friday, May 2, 2008

Favorite Moment

Despite having a week that had me wrapped around the axle, I am pleased to report that I have several favorite moments to share.

1. I narrowly avoided riffling through baby poop like some beleaguered anthropologist searching for evidence of meals long past.

Yes, I found the "S" key!

My joy was quickly dampened by the discovery that I was also missing the #1 key. This then lead to the realization that if I couldn't find it under the sofa I would soon be digging around in #2 in order to find the Mister's #1.

I was all over that sectional like Lou Ferrigno and didn't stop until I found the #1 key. I like to keep my days figuratively crappy, thank you very much.

2. I am {this close} to having the Mister completely snowed into thinking I'm a wife worth keeping.

Did you see the Mister made a comment on my last post? So exciting! Isn't he cute? You know, when he's not leaving me with two maniac boys for almost 50% of the month. Speaking of leaving me alone for countless hours in the month of April, that leads me to my next favorite moment.

3. The Mister is Home!

Not only is he home, other than two days of golf with his dad (he's visiting from Florida) I don't think he has to go anywhere until June. Maybe--as in maybe not even that!

4. A Baby, But not Mine.

My dear friend, K, suffered an unspeakable horror in January 2007: the loss of her infant daughter, J. Today I am thrilled to announce that little J will be looking over her baby brother, Joshua, who was born today at 35 weeks. He is doing fantastic, and we all couldn't be more excited to meet J's little brother.

So, basically I was in the crapper, out of the crapper, feeling abandoned, showered with love, and witness to a miracle. Not bad for a work at home mom from the 'burbs.