Thursday, May 22, 2008

Dear Misplaced Country Girl,

We did it! 30 days of green smoothies. Not so hard, was it? Did you wear one of your darling aprons while you blended up a green storm? Other than this past week where I was too sick to make them, I had one every day. It was so easy, mid-way through I got a wee bit bored with my own challenge. I'm thinking I have to step it up.

What do we (you, me, and anyone who is interested) do next to improve our health?

Exercise for sure. It's my downfall. I'm still figuring out how to incorporate it without setting myself up for failure. And sweating. Or breathing too hard. I'd also like to avoid moving as much as possible.

On the diet front, I'm seriously considering joining another blogger who is avoiding sugar, wheat, caffeine, and dairy. Since this comprises my four major food groups, I'd say this is stepping it up.

Then just now, while I was reading the articles on Perez Hilton, I read that Oprah is doing the same thing, plus eating entirely vegan, for 21 days. She's calling it a 21-Day Cleanse. Is this a sign? Should I [we] be doing this? Wait a minute. Aren't you on Oprah's shit list? Maybe we should see what Rachel Ray's doing. On second thought, I think I'm on Rachel's shit list.

I don't think I can go vegan (are there any vegan readers out there?) but I might team up with my new blogger friend and try the no wheat, sugar, caffeine, dairy thing. I think I can do it if alcohol is allowed. After enough tequilla, anything can taste like a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup + Chocolate Blizzard, right?