Tuesday, September 23, 2008

One Bad Egg

Jules: "Mikey, I have a surprise for you!"

Mikey: "OH! I'M SO EXCITED! Let me close my eyes and then you can tell me what it is!"

Jules: "OK, are you ready?"

Mikey: "YES! YES! YES"


Mikey: {gasp!!} "DINOSAUR EGGS! You found fossils at Vons, Mama! Are they going to hatch?"

Jules: "YES! But we have to put them in warm water first, ok?"

Mikey: "Let's do it right now! I'm so excited, Mama!"

Jules: "Me, too! How about we make this one hatch?"

Dinosaur Egg

Mikey: "YES! I love yellow. This is going to be perfect!"

Jules: "OK. Here we go!"

Mikey: "Here we go!"

{1 minute later}

Mikey: "Is it hatching?"

Jules: "Not yet. We need to be patient."

{2 minutes later}

Mikey: "Is it hatching?"

Jules: "Not yet. Soon. I promise."

{3 minutes later}

Mikey: "Is it hatching?"

Jules: "Almost. Any second now."

{4 minutes later}

Mikey: "MAMA! I think it's hatching! It's going to be a baby T-Rex!"

Jules: "Oh! You're right! Won't be long now. Maybe it will be a T-Rex, but there are plenty of other dinosaurs, too. Part of the fun is waiting to see which dinosaur is going to hatch."

{5 minutes later}

Mikey: "MAAAAAAMAAAAAAA! IT HATCHED! IT HATCHED! It's a....It's a....It's a....Mama? What kind of dinosaur is that?

Jules: "Let me see. Oh. Well. Huh." {Squirrel? Rorschach Test? Where is that dinosaur egg box?!}


Jules: "Hmmm. Well, according to the box it's a protoavis."


Mikey: "Oh. And what is that, Mama?"

Jules: "That, Mikey, is what happens when dinosaur cousins get married."