Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I Forgot the Things I Hoped to Never Forget.

So I haven't done much with my flickr group. I'm terrible about adding tags to my pictures, creating witty titles, and sharing pictures. And to be honest, I kind of forgot about it. I need to have an email announcement for it because out of inbox, out of mind. But, that needs to change, and much like I have used this blog to catalog little thoughts and memories and stories that amount to my favorite moment in the week, I will now use this blog for the same purpose, but in picture format.

I had hoped other people would start writing about they're favorite moments, but except for one person, it hasn't happened yet (that I know of). So, I'm hoping other people out there will join me in photographing and sharing those memories you think you will never forget but often do because in the end life becomes about milestones. If you're anything like me, you'll remember potty training, but you just might forget how much you love the smell of fresh wipes and diaper ointment.

Things I hope to Never Forget #1

You'll remember all your speeding tickets, but you just might forget he loves to sit in his carseat and watch the orange tree leaves rustle in the winter.


You'll remember when so-and-so got divorced, but you just might forget the first time you caught them playing together on their own.

Brotherly Love

You'll remember the first time you bought a house, but you just might forget how small he looked when he first starting using adult sized bowls.

Things I Hope to Never Forget #3

And I could go on, but I won't because you are probably bored by now. I don't plan to make every picture about the boys. I hope I don't, actually, because it's a bit predictable. But, it's also realistic. Life is all about phases, and right now I am in mom phase. So, expect to see a cute mug every now and then. I won't write much, if anything, on those posts because I am hoping the pictures will speak for themselves.

I don't know how often I will post a picture about Things I Hope to Never Forget, but I am shooting for once a week. Maybe on Wednesdays? I'm still mulling the day in my head. Hopefully I won't get too caught up in worrying about perfect pictures or perfect content, like I sometimes do with my Favorite Moments. It's not about that, but it is hard to let go when you are a perfectionist. I'm trying.

OK. That's it. The topic is officially exhausted. I am curious to see if anyone joins me in the quest to capture elusive memories. Speaking of memories, I hope I don't forget to pack my camera in my purse this week.