Monday, June 9, 2008

Where is Petunia Face?

We interrupt this severe case of writer's block with an important update: I found Petunia Face!

The lovely Susannah at Petunia Face kind of, sort of, accidentally deleted her entire blog over the weekend. You know, the blog recently nominated for a 2008 Blogger award? The blog with legions of borderline obsessed fans? The blog that reminds me daily that I can't string three words together to form a sentence? Yeah, that blog.

Well, after accepting the fact there really isn't a help desk at Google or Blogger, she started a new blog (old posts still available!) you can visit called Petunia Faced Girl. I promised Susannah it was no big deal she tripped and fell off the internet. Every problem has a solution, and we can polish this turd and make it sparkle! So, go visit her, say hi, and tell your friends. Also, if you link to Susannah on your blogroll, please update your link. The new address is

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go stare at a blinking curser.