Monday, June 30, 2008

An Apology and Random Bits of Info.

I'm so sorry I've been quite today. We leave for a family vacation in Lake Tahoe on Wednesday morning, and I've been busy all day drilling dull pencils in my eyeballs as punishment for procrastinating on, hmmm, everything.

I got my "smart card" at Curves today, and according to their system, I burned 235 calories in 20 minutes.

I've reached the conclusion that 235 calories is nothing when you eat 5,000 calories at dinner because you haven't slowed down to eat all day.

We took the truck into the shop on Thursday, and 7 mortgage payments later, it's in tip-top shape. Woohoo.

You know how else you burn 235 calories? Procrastinating and then running around like madwoman trying to get everything done.

If I don't buy an athletic bra soon I'm going to have to tuck my boobs into my sweats before I work out.

The Mister made me a green smoothie and put in so much agave my teeth saved me the trip to the dentist by jumping out of my mouth and into the trash. I am now nursing a migraine and trying to flush out the world's worst sugar rush with a gallon of water.

And, hey! Guess what! We have a giant Expedition and with the car seats and all our gear, we can only fit 4 people! We have one of the biggest cars on the road and I'm pretty sure we're going to have to coat my mom in Vaseline if we expect her to fit in the truck with us. So, if you see a Grapes of Wrath type vehicle on the 395 this weekend, honk and say hi.

See me writing this post? That's called procrastination.