Monday, August 25, 2008


Now that the Olympics are over, what do you say we all get some work done? And maybe go to bed before midnight? While normally not a sports fan, my eyes have been glued to the TV for the last 17 days.

Some observations:

Even when happy, Nastia Liukin looks sad. Something about her eyes makes her seem like an old soul.

I will never be mistaken for 2008 Olympic Gold Medal winner (Women's Marathon), Romanian Constantina Dita.

This little troll stud (?!) bugged the crap out of me. Too much frat-boy testosterone coursing through that 5'1'' frame. Oh, and walking hunched over and pushing your shoulders forward does make you look broader, but it also makes you look like you are walking hunched over and pushing your shoulders forward to make yourself look broader.

Watching Michael Phelps win 8 gold medals was awesome.

Usain Bolt was impressive, and has a very convenient last name. But would it kill him to save the showboating until he actually crossed the finish line? I admit I would not have cried tears into my pillow at night had he tripped on his flapping, untied shoe lace two feet from the finish line.

Something tells me he likes the attention.

Did you watch the Olympics? Are you tired, behind on work, and simultaneously happy/sad it's over with, like me? What observations did you make during the Olympics? What do you think of the Chinese age controversy? (Nice collar, IOC young dude)

p.s. Since the Olympics are over, look for How I Met the Mister, Part II tomorrow!