Thursday, July 24, 2008

The High Dive

Last night the Mister had a dream Mikey was trying to captain a fishing boat on a rough sea. Mikey was all alone on the ship, and the Mister was desperately trying to reach him before a large wave tossed him overboard.

This morning I reminded the Mister that Mikey's last swim lesson was at 10:30. He looked at his calendar for the day, but his full schedule prevented him from making the lesson.

Uh huh.

Perhaps the Mister's dream and his packed schedule had something to do with today being the day Mikey would jump off the diving board. I talked to the Mister right after the lesson and he confessed that, yes, he was a touch too weak in the knees to witness this:

{Mama, I did it! But we don't need to do it ever again, ok?}